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The simple educational card game of forming sentences

A dual purpose card game for 2 to 4 players or for one or several teams in a classroom

There are several ways to play this card game and it can take everything from 10 minutes up to 1 hour to finish.
This card game can be played by children in pre-school ages from native English speaking countries or even by university students or adults in other countries depending on their language proficiencies.

The objective with this card game is to visualise the English sentence structure in an interactive manner in order to strengthen and improve the proficiency of the players.

Sentence Structure

Adjectives are the centrepiece of this dual purpose card game. It is very important to learn how sentences are built (the structure of the English language) and this game is a tool for that. This game is centred around adjectives and adjectives only come with the verb To Be (or To Feel). And adjectives also describe living and non-living things.

Some of the words used here are not actual adjectives but are used as ones, such as the Present Perfect.

Put simply, adjectives are basically of three types, describing:


— Personality


— State


— Emotions